The peace and calm that the Aspen Grove Warmer from Scentsy brings to your home are a natural extension of the magic which is a walk in the woods.  The Earthy tones set off the stark beauty of the trunks of these magnificent trees, perfect for any season and decor.


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enter Anyone who has ever taken a stroll through an Aspen Grove will immediately sense the same magic in the Scentsy Aspen Grove Warmer.  Not only will you enjoy the scene of etched tree trunks in an earthy, natural stand, but you’ll get to pair it with an endless number of fragrance possibilities to add your own sense of magic to the memories of those trees.  And if you’ve never had the chance to walk through a thick of Aspens, then your moment is here!  Experience the serene beauty that this warmer and your favorite warm scents can bring to your home!  Just $35!
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