Bath Smoothie – Rockin’ Ruby Razz – Bath time becomes a joy with Scentsy’s delicious fragrance foaming sulfate-free hair and body wash. This bright and cheerful fragrance blend of juicy orange, plump red strawberry with a drizzle of sweet candied glazed will be an instant hit!   6.7 fl. oz., $15


Product Description

Bath Smoothie – Rockin’ Ruby Razz

Getting those kids clean just got better with Scentsy’s Bath Smoothies, a foaming, fragrant and sulfate-free body and hair wash with the most amazing smells available!  Try the Rockin’ Ruby Razz today, and just try to stop yourself from grabbing that kid every few minutes to sniff how good they smell! Pairing it with a Scrubby Buddy makes bath time clean AND fun! 6.7 fl oz for only $15!

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