BOHO CHIC NIGHTLIGHT SCENTSY WARMER – Let your inner Bohemian out.  Go ahead, act like the hippie that everyone suspects you are.  The ultra natural stain color and the peacenik flower will help you to make love, not war.  Trust us…LOVE!

Product Description


Echoing the style and freedom of hippies and Bohemians, with its earthy tones and the flowers of peace both big and small, the Boho Chic Nightlight Scentsy Warmer will help you to set your spirits free.  Its nature-inspired color of reddish brown and brownish reds may just inspire a few extra hugs of trees and flashed peace signs.  So just go with it, man!  It’s groovy!  And it’s small enough at only 3.5 inches tall, that it can fit into any room.  Plugs directly in to any wall outlet, no cords, no counter space taken up! And it’s only $20!

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