The Buddies Ark Scentsy Warmer features one of the most beloved children’s toy motifs ever, Noah’s Ark stuffed full of adorable animals, ready to float safely into your home.  With minimal light coming from the Ark, it lights a kids room just enough, but not so much that it keeps them up!   6″ tall.  $55

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here Hard to imagine a more incredible adventure than gathering all the animals of the world into a boat to keep them safe and dry, but doing that is just what Noah did, and the Buddies Ark Scentsy Warmer is the perfect representation of just how awesome it would have been.  With a whimsical and playful style, your kids, and even you, will enjoy imagining cuddling up to all the best animals of the world, with an elephant, a bear, a lion and others joining you in the Ark.  Add in your favorite scent selections from Scentsy’s expanding line of kid-themed fragrances, and Noah and his animal pals will steer you and yours carefully into safe harbors.  Scentsy’s Buddies Ark is 6 inches tall, fits into any kid’s room and is only $55!  Enjoy!

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