BY THE SEA SCENTSY BAR – unwind with the unforgettable aroma of fresh ocean air mingled with dewy seaside grass. Place a cube or two of By the Sea Scentsy Bar in any beautifully designed Scentsy Warmer and turn on to enjoy the long-lasting gentle aroma.

Category : BY THE SEA

Product Description


One of Scentsy’s Classic Scents, By the Sea is a clean and breezy reminder of long, bright and wind-blown days on the edges of the ocean, the blue of the sea undulating below the blue of the sky. White sands perfectly warm, melting into the white of the clouds crawling by. Shell-hunting, wave-riding, picnicking and frolicking…everything about a day at the beach is wrapped up in the package of a perfectly scented Scentsy product, giving you the ease and pleasure of reawakening the beloved ghosts of vacations past wherever you are. Only $5!

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