Binäre Optionen COCONUT COTTON SCENTSY BAR – carefree relaxing days lounging on a tropical beach, enjoying the sweet fragrance of creamy coconut milk, tangy citrus mingled with white sandalwood and sun-warmed cotton.  Add a cube or two of Scentsy’s Coconut Cotton Scentsy Bar to any decorative Scentsy Warmer and enjoy this tropical fragrance.


Product Description

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go site handel algorytmiczny forex It’s not as if you need any reminders of the most blissful moment of your life, but Scentsy’s Coconut Cotton scent will take you right back to the tropical paradise afternoon where you spent what felt life a lifetime of peace and calm having a massage at the water’s edge in a billowy, linen-draped and hardwood cabana. Nothing has ever felt so good, and it’s going to be a challenge finding something in the future that will come close, but don’t let that stop you from searching and trying! One whiff of Scentsy’s Coconut Cotton Scent and you are reminded of the sun-bleached linens, the wafts of coconut milk from the nearby trees, and the calming and restorative sandalwood. Enjoy it anytime you like! Only $5!
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