Reminiscent of the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos), the DIY Calavera (Skull) Warmer honors the tradition of sugar skulls.  This one allows you to design and color it however you choose using your own permanent markers and as much imagination as you can muster!  Don’t be spooked, it’s all in fun!  Only $40!  6″ tall

Product Description

DIY Calavera Scentsy Warmer

The sugar skull, known as a clavier in Spanish, is part of the tradition in certain Latin American countries called Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos.  The are usually made to look just like Scentsy’s Calavera Warmer, and are intended to be decorated by those who wish to honor their dearly departed. Typically, they are decorated with bright foil, markers, colorful frostings and even feathers.  Get your own Calavera today, then gather your brightest and most colorful permanent markers and go to work making it your own!  You’ll love having a personalized warmer in your home, and once you add in your favorite Scentsy waxes, your home will smell as amazing as can be!  Also, if you choose, leave it white and use it as decoration in a Goth-styled room, or have it always at the ready for Halloween decorating!  No matter what you do with it, the Calavera Warmer from Scentsy will be one of your favorites!  Only $40!

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