The Doodle Dot $30 Scentsy Warmer sits low (only 3.5 inches tall) and is therefore perfect for smaller spaces or for when you don’t want to dwarf other items in your décor.  With a randomly polka-dotted surface and an element to melt your favorite Scentsy waxes, it is both a model of style AND efficiency, and will look great in almost any room!  Only $30!

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Product Description

forex valuutanvaihto trading weekly signals Doodle Dot Scentsy Warmer There are those times when a person lets the mind wander, lets the hand draw unconsciously and when all is said and done. lo and behold, a doodle is suddenly a work of art and a cherished item.  The Doodle Dot Scentsy Warmer is just that, the apparent product of a gifted but wandering artistic mind.  You’ll love the color, understated and muted, but perfectly able to compliment any color scheme.  You’ll be pleased with the dotted surface, with enough variation in size and shape to lend a sort of movement to the warmer.  And once you add in your favorite Scentsy wax, you’ll love the way it fills your space with the sweetest smells around.  Warmed by a very efficient heating element instead of a lightbulb, it is the perfect piece for a bedroom to those who prefer no light when sleeping.  Simply lush in its styling and simplicity, you’ll adore it for only $30!
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