Discover the fragrance of this calming invigorating blend of 100% natural oils.  Scentsy’s Eucalyptus Lavender Mint 100% Natural Oil is a perfect mixture of relaxing lavender mixed with fresh mint and bright eucalyptus and deep nutmeg.  15ml.

Product Description


Let mind, soul and heart be blessed by the reassuring and calming properties of Scentsy’s Eucalyptus Lavender Mint 100% Natural Oil blend when you add it to your awesome Scentsy Diffuser.  Whether at home, work..anywhere..diffusing these oils will fill your home, and you, with the power to maintain a calm and tension-free zone.  Like soaking in a warm, clean and bright whirlpool, where every worry is carried away, replaced by health and peace!  Enjoy this oil blend for only $10!

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