There are special moments, in film as well as in real life, where fields of poppies suddenly appear, Mother Nature’s gentle reminder that magic is a perfectly natural occurrence.  Field Of Poppies is such a moment, inspiring hope and reverence, renewal and peace, this Scentsy Premium Warmer will be a favorite of yours for a long time to come.

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enter Poppies have a special power for inspiring deep and reverent reflection.  Their beauty is delicate but powerful.  Their colors are bold but gentle.  Their twisting stems are just strong enough to support a brilliant shock of lively brilliance which, in fields and meadows, will stop you in your tracks as you wonder at the beauty of it all.  Field of Poppies from Scentsy’s Premium Collection will fill you with those same feeling, while filling your home with amazing scents!  Get it today for only $35!
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