Home Run Scentsy Warmer

Home Run! Scentsy Warmer – Scentsy hit it out of the park with this fun warmer design!   Add a sporty kick to any bedroom or showcase your favorite sport in the family game room or man cave. From fall ball to spring training this Scentsy warmer is a hit year round!

Product Description

Home Run! Scentsy Warmer

Here’s the pitch!  And it’s driven deep into Center Field, back, back, back and OVER the outstretched glove of the center fielder!  That is the feeling you’ll get when you warm up your Home Run! Scentsy Warmer with any of Scentsy’s amazing fragrances, especially given that your child’s room, or the man cave, no longer need smell like a child’s room, nor a man cave!  They can smell glorious!  Like a game winning trot around the bases in the bottom of the ninth to seal the victory!  Baseball is awesome!!!  And so is this baseball Warmer!  Only $35!

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