Join Scentsy Australia And Work From Home Starting September 1, 2013 you can join Scentsy Australia and work from home.  Being a Scentsy Consultant in Australia will allow you the flexibility to set your own schedule and work the hours you determine.  There are many different ways you can run your Scentsy Australia business, there is not just one way to have a successful Scentsy Business in Australia.  Scentsy Australia is a home bases business, meaning you sell Scentsy products through home parties or basket parties (a set of catalogs, testers, and order forms that you hostesses take for you and collect orders and brings them back to you to place).   Online parties is another method to build your business (a party that is created right in your own website that people simply click on the link to the party and they place their orders, the hostess receives credit for their orders and you have completed a party without even leaving your home).  Events and shows is another way you can work your business, set up a display at an event and demonstrate the product, sell product, get referrals for parties, and get referrals for people who will want to join your Scentsy team in Australia.  Fundraisers is another means that you can build your business, it is great to be able to offer your services to help a cause you are passionate about and as a result, you receive new customers and contacts.  When you join Scentsy in Australia, you are free to conduct your business the way that you are most interested.  You can use one method to build your business or you can try a variety of methods that fit around your schedule.
One fantastic reason to join Scentsy in Australia, is you do not need to keep products on hand unless you decide you want to.  Scentsy Australia has a distribution center in Australia that all orders placed will arrive to the consultant’s home or customer’s home between 2-3 weeks of the date the orders were placed.  If you would like to have product on hand you certainly may, but there is no requirement to do so.  Everything you need to start a successful business will come to you in your Scentsy Australia Starter Kit that costs $139 AU.  One fantastic benefit to joining Scentsy Australia and becoming an Australian Scentsy Consultant is you can host your own parties, meaning not only do you get paid for the orders being placed, but as the hostess you can receive free and half price Scentsy products that you can use personally or add to your business.  There is no limit to how many parties you can be the hostess of.  In fact, we encourage every new Scentsy consultant to start off their business with their own Launch party so you can be the hostess and receive great host rewards of free and half price Scentsy products of your choice. As you contemplate joining Scentsy Australia, you should know the requirements of being a Scentsy Consultant.  Every three months you must sell 150 personal retail volume of product, meaning for two months you cannot sell anything but on the third month to remain an active consultant you must place 150 personal retail volume – which a good rule of thumb is to try to collect enough orders to qualify for a party order that would give you and all your customers free shipping and qualify for free and half price Scentsy products.  A qualifying party order in Australia is $220 (so all of your orders would need to equal $220 and would then save all your customers shipping and result is free and half price hostess rewards.)

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click Getting paid off your Scentsy sales:  In Scentsy Australia, all consultants pay retail price for all products and on the 10th of the following month, Scentsy consultants are paid on their sales.  To begin, all Scentsy Consultants will earn 20% of their personal retail sales (prv’s) until 1000 prv’s are sold.  Once 1000 prv’s are sold, each Scentsy Australia Consultant will earn 25% commission on their prv’s.  Scentsy awards any consultant who sells 2000 prv’s in a month an additional 5%, resulting in 30% commission for the month 2000 or more prv’s are sold.  To earn additional bonuses you must build your team, you must sponsor new consultants.  You may sponsor in any country that Scentsy operates in, Australia, Mexico, Canada, the US, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Poland, and soon to be France and Spain.  As you build your team you will be eligible to earn 2-9% of your whole sale volume and anywhere from 2-9% from your downline’s team’s wholesale volume.

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payer fidelity forex inc Thinking about how many hours you would like to put into your Scentsy Australia Business will help you understand your income potential.  Are you able to work 1 night a week doing parties or working events.  An average party of 400 prv’s will result in $100.  Imagine if you worked one night a week for a month doing only 1 party and each party resulted in 400 prv’s.  By the end of the month you would have earned $400.  If you are willing to work in 1 extra party or host an online party or send out a basket party and that party resulted in 400 prv’s, with the four parties you are already doing, you would have 2000 prv’s and would receive the 5% bonus from Scentsy and earn $600 a month – all just from working 5 parties but only being outside your home for 4 of them. Now if you share the Scentsy Australia opportunity and help those that join your team to reach earning $600 a month by selling 2000 prv’s – you would be eligible to receive 2-9% of your wholesale volume and 2-9% wholesale from those on your team and can quickly earn fantastic bonuses to your commissions.  If you are interested in working from home and being your own boss, feel free to contact me to learn more on how you can join Scentsy Australia.

aci forex slovenia If you would like to view Scentsy Australia Catalogue and learn more of the Scentsy Australia products click here.

Scentsy Australia Catalog

go to link Scentsy Australia is rapidly expanding – the people of Australia are loving the beautiful designed warmers and have be taken with the amazing aroma’s Scentsy offers in their 85 different scents. The opportunity to own your own business, (doing something you enjoy, sharing a product that brings happiness to people and a product that people want) has never been better – for $139 (plus shipping) you will recieve all the materials and products you need to launch your new business. I will be there to help walk you through all the begining steps and help guide you to create a plan to make your business successful! Join my Scentsy team in Australia.