Lexi the Lemur Scentsy Buddy

Lexi the Lemur Scentsy Buddy –  Cuddle up with Lexi the Lemur Scentsy Buddy today!  Available while supplies last.

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Product Description

Lexi the Lemur Scentsy Buddy –

Hailing from the tropical island of Madagascar, Lexi the Lemur Scentsy Buddy is ready to leap into your home and heart!


With her ghost-like mask and long ringed tail, this solitary yet social gal is an early riser who loves the warmth of the sun.


Lexi is sure to fare well in captivity, but like her fellow endangered primates, she won’t be around forever. Limited-edition Scentsy Buddies are available only while supplies last.


Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance. Lexi the Lemur is $30 and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice.



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