The Meander $40 Scentsy Warmer will have you wanting to trace the geometry of its finish with your finger.  With subtle and soft earthen tones, and a warm internal glow when turned on, you’ll find this little wonder satisfies on many levels, from visually enticing, to setting off amazing scents when you add in your favorite Scentsy waxes.

Product Description

Meander Scentsy Warmer

Perfect design elements of color, shape, texture and utility come together perfectly in the Lucent Warmer from Scentsy, a luminous and warm selection that will find itself perfectly at home among the formal and the rustic.  With its perfect geometry and its inner glow, this warmer will have you transfixed from the moment you turn it on.  Soon your room will fill with the scented wax of your choice and your experience will be complete and blissful.  With its gold leaf rims and its smart design, you’ll be in love!  Only $40!

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