The Nest $40 Scentsy Warmer brings a bit of nature into your home in the form of a perfect twig-wrapped nest with a spry little bird perched above it.  With smart little leaves and Scentsy’s perfect scents, you’ll fall in love with this piece, and the natural tones and subtle and understated style are perfectly at home in and among any décor!  Get yours today!

Product Description

Nest Scentsy Warmer

Go ahead, pretend you’re a princess for whom animals have no fear, that when you throw open the window, birds and mice and deer come to greet you with song.  Now, open your eyes, because the reality is, you’ve got the perfect little companion sitting above his perfectly lined nest, from which rises the amazing scents of your favorite Scentsy wax.  With a twisted wire twig base and a prim little nest, this warmer operates on a warming element which heats the wax to the perfect temperature.  Nothing soothes like a little time spent in Nature…why not bring a bit of Nature inside and let it ease your soul into a state of contentedness.  Get your Scentsy Nest Warmer today for only $40!

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