The Ocean Mosaic Scentsy Warmer is the perfect rendering of ocean glasses arranged into an awe-inspiring stained-glasslike production which will have you feeling the peace and calm of a quiet tide washing clean the shore.  With greens, browns, blues and whites, the glowing warmer will hold your attention and once filled with your favorite waxes from Scentsy will fill your home with your favorite scents!  Only $45!

Glows 6″ tall, 25w  $45

Product Description

Ocean Mosaic Scentsy Warmer

All the colors of the treasures you find while walking on a storm-swept beach have turned up in the Ocean Mosaic Scentsy Warmer.  The greens and blues of the smooth and soft sea glasses.  The whites of the sun-bleached shells and the browns of the sand and driftwood make for a mesmerizing and memory-inducing experience.  Once turned on, the inner glow transforms the warmer into a sort of sea-inspired stained-glass work of art, and adding your favorite sea-inspired, fresh scented Scentsy bars will complete the experience for you and yours!  Dig your toes into the sand.  Let the waves lap up around your ankles. Embrace the warmth of the sun against the cool of an ocean breeze.  It’s all part of the experience, and you’ll be reminded every time!  Only $45!

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