Oodles of orange

Oodles of Orange Scentsy Bar – welcome each day with this blissful sweet, citrusy scent buoyed up by fresh pineapple, crisp papaya, mango blossom and ripe bunches of tropical berries.   Add one or two cubes to any Scentsy Warmer and turn on to enjoy this pure Summer’s Delight!

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A child deserves to have a room that smells great, and you deserve to have a child’s room that smells great!  So leave behind the smells of dirty socks, and peanut butter stained shirts and get the new Oodles of Orange Scentsy Bar warming in your Kid’s Warmer immediately!   You’ll soon be thrilled by the way it fills the air with the scent of fresh pineapple, sun-warmed papaya, mango tree flowers and big bunches of tropical berries!  And your child will love it too!  So endure the natural environmental smells of your child no more!  Scentsy has the perfect solution!  Only $5!

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