Scent Storage Box  – Store your Scentsy Bars and Scentsy Products in a stylish Scentsy wood box!  Scentsy’s Scent Storage Box has customizable compartments that fit up to 45 Scentsy Bars!  Only $45!


Product Description

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Keep your collection of Scentsy scented products at the ready by storing them discreetly but stylishly in Scentsy’s trend-forward storage box!  In stead of having your favorites Scentsy waxes, room sprays, scent circles for the car and travel tins scattered out in the open, or worse in the (gasp!) junk drawer, just load them all up in this perfect and trendy wooden box, big enough to hold up to 45 Scentsy Bars.  You’ll love how it looks, and you’ll love knowing that everything you need to keep the home smelling amazing can all be kept stylishly in the open, in one organized spot!  Get on, or more, today for only $45!
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