southern evening scent circle

The Southern Evening Scent Circle is reminiscent of a perfect perfume that hangs gently in the air after an enchanting encounter, a spin of romance featuring French lavender, geranium, understated fruits and a gentle white musk that will have you remembering loves long ago and flirty rendezvous’. Only $3!

Product Description

Southern Evening Scent Circle

In the humid air of the Old South, when the sun finally sinks below the horizon and the world settles into calm and quiet, scents hang in the air, a magic sort of presence that captivates and even haunts a person for the rest of their life.  Scentsy’s Southern Evening is an astute representation of that experience, with a supreme balance of romance and longing in the French lavender and geranium blended with fruits and softened white musk.  No matter where you are, Scentsy’s Southern Evening will have you feeling a connection to that Southern warmth that wraps around you like a long-loved blanket.  Hang a Scentsy Scent Circle of Souther Evening in your car today, and take that feeling everywhere you go!  Only $3!

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