The Watermelon Scentsy Warmer will take you back to every time in your life that the swelter of a summer day has been blissfully relieved by an ice cold slice of the ubiquitous watermelon.  In its bright red and white and green, with contrasting seeds, you’ll find that this warmer is the perfect thing to add a summery freshness to your décor while delivering your scent-track to your summer experience.  Only $40!

Product Description

Watermelon Scentsy Warmer

There are days in summer when nothing can cut through the thick of sweltering heat like the backyard slice of a deeply cooled, garden-fresh watermelon.  With the red sweet flesh dripping with every bite down your forearms and chin, you’ve finally found relief and a reason to giggle, and being blissfully sick, you’ve also found reason for turning the heat of the day into an epic watertight!  So go for it!  Summer is about those moments, and the Watermelon Scentsy Warmer brings all of those memories to the surface with its brightly colored flesh and rind and its black seeds (they’ll make you want to host a seed-spitting contest!).  Put it out, add in your favorite Scentsy waxes and be transported!  Only $40!

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